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Download the new version of The Turtle HERE

TheTurtle Langages

The current version of TheTurtle is translated in:



Portugues (translated by Gotenks)

Espanol (translated by kokoyaya)

If you think you could translate TheTurtle in another langage (60 sentences to be translated, with less than the half containing more than three words) contact me:

Communicate with TheTurtle

It is possible to "communicate" with TheTurtle.

If you are a programmer you can get your data (temporary or total) straight from TheTurtle, sending it requests. Up to you to find the usefulness of this: records to draw charts of the evolution of your data, display your current data in a chat (msn, irc, ...), ...etc. Don't hesitate to propose me your softwares, they could be placed for Download on this website.

If you are a Visual Basic 6 programmer, include the TheTurtleRequest.bas module to your project and follow the instructions.

vb module TheTurtleRequest.bas  (7 Ko)

If you are not a Visual Basic 6 programmer, i suggest you could edit TheTurtleRequest.bas with WordPad and try to translate it in your langage. If you manage to do this send me the translated module, it will be distributed here.

How to communicate with TheTurtle (simplified):

  ¤ Get the handle of TheTurtle: FindWindow("ThunderRT6FormDC", "TheTurtle")
  ¤ Send the request: SendMessage(TurtleHwnd, "Turtle;myHwnd;0", myHwnd, cdCopyData)
  ¤ Get the response: SetWindowLong, CallWindowProc, CopyMemory
  ¤ Response format: Turtle ' Pseudo ' Distance ' Keystrokes ' Clicks ' LeftClicks ' RightClicks ' SpecialClicks ' Scrolls ' Uptime ' Usetime